Fall is quickly approaching so we are asking for NO more summer donations and we're switching to the following items. (No heavy coats or winter items quite yet. We don't have the storage for it.)
Please help us help people in need.
~Men and women's - New or gently used~
Light jackets/hoodies
Khaki pants
Light long sleeve cotton tops
T-shirts (for layering)
Sweats/warm ups
Boots/tennis shoes
Light blankets
All children's fall clothing and shoes

You can drop off in one of our donation barrel locations listed on the link below or you could bring it to us on our Monday or Thursday night out reaches. Thank you!

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Seeking gently used clothes and shoes (Men's only please), pre-packaged snacks, toiletries, personal hygiene products, and bottled water for our homeless friends. Sleeping bags, tents, blankets, hoodies, and coats would be great as well. Message me or comment below and let's make a difference together!! #servingshuttle ... See MoreSee Less

Just as a reminder, there is a medical disposal unit in the lobby of EPD. The disposal unit is available 24hours a day, every day.

Please remember we do not accept mercury thermometers, sharps/needles, biomedical waste, compressed gas containers, or aerosol cans.

The Madison County Sheriff's Office plays an important role by assisting local police agencies in facilitating proper disposal of the unwanted medications.

This helps keep the medications out of our children’s hands, landfills, and water supplies
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Here are the guidelines for the September 23rd recycle event. Make sure you read this before recycling!

Recycling will be from 9am-11am at Tri-Township Park in Troy,IL.

Everyone is welcome!
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Please spread the word!

Rep. Katie Stuart's Jobs Fair

Rep. Katie Stuart's Jobs FairSeptember 28, 2017, 9:00amL&C N.O. Nelson CampusState Representative Katie Stuart will be hosting a Jobs Fair at the N.O. Nelson Campus, located at 600 Troy Road in Edwardsville. There will be a variety of organizations and businesses there who are looking to hire. This event is free and open to the public.
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Rep. Katie Stuarts Jobs Fair

Hi Flock! We have a few current Wishes that are in need of airfare alone. Do you or do you know anyone (maybe family member, friend, or business client) that has unused points/miles they would like to grant a Wish with? Since we cannot partner with specific airlines (due to them partnering with only large organizations) we have to have the full amount of points/miles to cover the round trip tickets.

Here is the breakdown point/mile info we are needing...
-Amy H (colorectal cancer): wants to take her 2 kids to Buffalo NY for Thanksgiving to visit family.
-Approx mile/point amount for RT 3 tickets = 70,000
-Approx mile/point amount for RT 1 ticket = 23,000

-Sonja C (brain cancer): wants a visit from her Dad(who also has cancer) and his wife in December...these are senior fare tickets.
-Approx mile/point amount for RT 2 tickets = 92,000
-Approx mile/point amount for RT 1 ticket = 46,000

If you could please share this post, and lets try to grant these 2 Wishes! #wishwishwish
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Troy City Wide Clean-Up DaySeptember 23, 2017, 9:00amTroy Tri-Township ParkCome out and help keep Troy clean on September 23rd for the City Wide Clean-Up Day! Events and their details are listed below.

Recycling - 9am-11am @ Tri-Township Park
- e-cycle, paper shredding, old medication, large items

Make sure to check the guidlines before recycling!

Volunteers wanted! If you know of places to clean in Troy, email marketing@troycoc.com. For more information, call the Chamber at (618)667-8769 or go online to troycoc.com.
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Troy City Wide Clean-Up Day